2012 ShareBuilder Discount & Bonus offer for Costco Members

In the past, Costco partnered with INGDirect Sharebuilder to offer sign on bonus for their members. It was usually $50 for GoldStar Members and $90 for Executive members. I have signed to make use the offer 3 years ago and I been using sharebuilder on and off for my dollar cost average investment strategy.

Last year offer ended on Jan 31st, so they came up with the new offer which is not the same but little bit better to motivate investing more and take advantage of the discount. For All Costco Members, whether New or Existing Accounts at ShareBuilder.com,
Savings Highlights*

  • $2 automatic investments
  • $6.95 to trade now

With that, only for Executive Members, the sign up bonus would be $50.

Compare the Savings

Basic Program ShareBuilder
Member Price
 Trade Now   $9.95   $6.95   30%
  $4   $2   50%
$9.95/online trade
$6.95/online trade

If you are setup automatic savings investment, you will only spend $2 compared to $4. For Regular trade, you will pay $6.95 which equal to Scottrade commission price and better than other discount brokers. You will either way. I would say it is good offer to start your dollar cost averaging and start investing passively.

For more info, you can visit sharebuilder.com/feb2012

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