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15 Financial Resolutions for the year 2015

I usually don’t like resolutions or don’t like to make any resolutions. I work on goals and objections every day or month. I feel resolutions are just way to give excuse to yourself unless you really follow through and make it happen. I believe in KISS, “Keep it Simple, Sincere”. That’s right not Keep it […]

Starbucks eGift card – $5 for $10

I have bought it last time they offered this deal since my wife likes to drink Starbucks cappuccino sometimes. Here is like the link to go and get it, It’s one way of boosting sales by Starbucks and GroupOn is also getting the advertisement by saying it’s there thank you gift for summer. Happy […]

Magic of Compound Interest – Chart Explained

Many of us aware of Power of Compounding but it is always good to keep reminding often so we can save more on time to reap the rewards of the magic. This single chart will help you visualize how early start can be really advantages. Susan (grey) invests $5,000 per year from age 25 to […]

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