Happy New year 2012 – Send off and Celebrate

It’s hard to believe that 2011 is already drawing to a close. It has been a great year with unexpected turns and bounces and surprises and made it interesting. For me, it started out with a surprise of passing my Certified Financial Planner(CFP) exam. I am happy to be part of 50% hard working and lucky people to passed in USA. I also got my Realtor license in March and started helping as a Realtor. I was able to work with many first time buyers on their dream home and veteran investors to find a good deal on their investment properties. I enjoyed every moment of it. Overall, it has been good year and it’s going to end with a great note. I achieved most of my goals for this year especially my Realtor goal, closing atleast 10 deals this year. I am really happy about it and hope to continue this stride next year as well.

With that good note, I like to say “Thank you” to everyone who encouraged and helped to achieve my goals. I extend my warmest wishes for a safe, joyful and prosperous 2012.

As many of you know, I am a strong believer of Good Thoughts attract good things. I also put lessons learned from The Secret Book into practical use. It helps me to think positive about future. I hope 2012 will make some positive impacts to everyone. I also encourage you to Check out the secret.tv intro (20mins) which talks lot of Law of Attraction and how you can also think positive about your future.

Wishing you & yours a Happy New Year!

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