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Onlinefraud – Business Bank Accounts are not covered…

Recently I read an article in Business week about hackers targeting small business bank accounts and stealing thousands of dollars from their online accounts. As per stats, Cybercriminals steal $1 billion a year from commercial accounts at banks, which often hold companies responsible for losses. It has become big concern for both banks and businesses. […]

ING Electric Orange Checking Account – $50 Signup Bonus offer

I have posted many offers from ING in the past. It has been a while since they announced their last one. This time, they are bringing back their Checking account bonus offer. Now, they are offering a $50 bonus to sign for Electric orange Checking account and make 3 debit card purchases or person to person cheque payment within 45 days after signup. Your bonus $50 will deposited in your checking account.

Currently, ING Checking account offers .24% interest for balance below $50000 and 1.09% for above 50k and below 100k. It is not a great interest but reasonable to have it in the checking account when other bank don’t even offer an interest for checking account. They have other checking accounts like premium which has minimum balance requirement. With No minimum balance requirement, you are also earning interest and getting bonus to signup. I would say, it’s a good offer.

I been with ING Direct for almost 5 years and used their service. Never had issues with the website and never had to call customer service. I have suggested few things and they actually implemented them. If you have a savings account already, just sign for checking and do simple debit purchases. You will get easy $50. Who don’t want free money? I cannot do it since I already checking out.

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DCU Scorecard Rewards going away…

It has been few months since dcu – Digital Federal Credit Union, one of the oldest and famous credit union in nation annouced to close the scorecard reward points to all their credit card members. Starting Sep 2010, there will be no reward points to any of the purchase.

They are also replacing the cards to two types of cards, one ordinary and another one with higher rates which might have option for rewards points. So what they are trying to say, if you are willing to pay higher rates, you might be eligible for rewards. That’s not really good way to earn business. I heard many of my friends started using other cards or sign up for reward cards like Chase Freedom, Bank of America and CITI Bank cards.

Also you only have till Mar 2011 to redeem all the scorecard reward points stored away. You better start planning to use in this holiday time.