Texas Trade Up Appliance Rebates – Starts April 7th

Hello fellow Texans,

Are you looking to replace your old air conditioner?

Are you shopping for a energy efficient Refrigerator or washer replacement to save some bucks?

You are in luck.

You heard it right! Texans can  now get hundreds, even thousands of dollars in rebates by applying for Trade up rebate program. But you gotta hurry when the reservation period starts tomorrow Apr 7th.

Who are qualified?

Every Texas residents with a valid Texas residential address qualify for a rebate if they follow all program rules.
No Post office boxes.

Why they are giving away money?

It is part of federal program to support energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. Thanks to $23 million in federal stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 received by Texas state which is available to be handed out through the 
State Energy Conservation Office. The caveat to the program, rebates can only be applied to new purchases of appliances with the EnergyStar label or CEE qualified models between April 16 and April 25.

What appliances are covered?

Starting from the  dishwasher to cloth washer to furance to Refrigerators to big A/c’s, most of the home appliances are covered. You can see types of appliances covered at state website. These energy efficient appliances might cost big money. If you already decided to buy it, then its worth to get the rebate. Question is, are you willing to spend extra dollars to save save few on rebate and more in long run? Then go ahead and reserve it.

Rebate amounts, purchase timeline information and a detailed list of qualifying appliances are also available on the site. 

How to get the rebates?

You need to reserve for the rebates. It is not pay first and apply later like mail in rebates type. It is reserve first and buy and apply for the rebates type because of the limited amount of funds. The state anticipates high interest in this program because of lot of advertising and rebate reservations will go quickly.

Reservations for a rebate will have to be made by calling a toll-free number or by registering on the Web site. Keep checking the site, http://www.texaspowerfulsmart.org/rebate/

Any limitations or restrictions?

You can qualify for one rebate per appliance category, two appliance rebates per household and two $75 recycling bonus rebates per household. The appliances must be bought from a Texas retailer or contractor.

I have heard many of my friends and neighbors are waiting for Apr 7th to reserve the rebates. Expect slowness and delays but don’t give up. It’s lot of money free from government. So just set your clock up for tomorrow to reserve for the big bucks. There will be a waiting list, but it’s no guarantee that you’ve successfully reserved a rebate.

You can read more about it at chron.com

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