Willing to take first step to make your WILL – Willing.com can help…

Being strong believer in securing your assets for your family in this busy and dangerous daily life, I strongly recommend all my friends and families to have LAST WILL of their own. But they never did it or will do it because of nature of the task. They think it’s not for an ordinary man and it needs special attorney to draft one. I kept saying them to try out WillMaker or online services and it’s paid services. Also another thing, it’s not easy to imagine one’s live after death and do something for loved ones.

Today, I came across another new tool, Willing.com from another money blogger. The website seems to be very user friendly, easy and fast. It won’t ask tedious and unimaginable questions to tie you down. Just simple steps and you have your WILL ready. Now my friends cannot say NO, i don’t have time or don’t have common sense to even fill these simple steps 🙂

They better try it out and get a simple WILL which can at least help to save their kids and assets. Something is better than nothing right!!

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