About money really matters

MONEY matters to each and everyone of us. We spend every bit of our adult life thinking and planning on how to make each dollar. At the same time, we tend to procrastinate on how to manage our money effectively. The  real reason I think is, we are not comfortable talking about money. We also have unique family situations, concerns and responsibilities. With all sorts of issues at work, home and all around us, we lack time and energy to think and act on our financial wellness.


I even stumble on simple questions like,

Am I taking the right financial decision?
Can I buy this car or home right now?
How can I save money for my retirement and kids higher education at same time?


Many of you ask these type of questions one time or other in our lifetime. But trying to find an answer to suit our lifestyle is not an easy task. With Internet, websites are loaded with tons of information, it gets confusing and even more complicated to find the right answersfor your question.

In my website(money really matters – MRM), my goal is to strive towards helping you find the right answer for your question on your own just by providing right information and smart education gained on years of experience. I strongly feel one can make right decision with proper education and knowledge.


Knowledge is Power.
 With good knowledge over money and how to manage money, anybody can make sound decision on how to invest, save and secure their hard earned money effectively. That’s a change in the overall dynamics of an individual taking control of money not the other way around. You be the Maharaja of Money(registered trademark) not the money controlling your life.


I like to quote one of my favorite and famous saying by Lao Tuz, “A Journey of Thousand miles begins with a single step“.


Take your first step to take control of your money by gaining financial literacy you always needed. Get Smart about money and all the money matters by learning the right way. This website will provide a good platform to start our journey.

To share and guide each other on the path to reach their financial goals and become successful in maintaining our current lifestyle and plan for wealthy future.

The sole purpose of this website is to share the knowledge and experience about basics of money and money related matters in a way to help and guide the simple ordinary people on their path to financial goals. In order to accomplish the mission, I am planning to debunk a lot of areas where ever the money goes and makes its presence. Like,

  • Savings/Budgeting
  • Credit/Debts
  • Last Wills&TRUSTS to secure your wealth for your heirs
  • Life Insurance
  • Buying your first home
  • Investment – Stocks, RealEstateTaxes
  • Kids Education – 529 plans
  • Retirement – IRA, 401K
  • Immigration and Law

Nobody in this world knows everything in this universe. I am not a genie to make your money related issues go away. But I genuinly going to try answer or discuss any of the money related under my capability and knowledge. Thats my bottom line commitment.

About myself:  I am a Candidate for CFP who just passed CFP exam in Nov 2010. I am currently working on starting my own Financial Services business to help people to achieve their financial goals. I am also a self directed investor and currently do money mentoring to friends and families. You can know more about me at my personal website, www.vijaianand.com

If you have any topic you want us to debunk or deep dive in, don’t hesitate contact us.




Money Matters Radio Show no longer Broadcasted because of Financial Concerns.
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