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Clover – Pay by Phone Payment service – Signup Bonus

With the advancement of smart phones, there are many apps which emerged to take advantage of the technology to provide consumers with tools that made their life easier as well bit app oriented. One of the new entry to the pool is Clover, a Payment service from phone. The phone payment service has been around […]

Young Adults – The Beaten Generation

Picture speaks better than thousand words. That’s the reason I been wanting and searching for the digital copy of this image in money magazine website for couple of days. You would think they would publish the digital version but not really or atleast I couldn’t able to find after searching for 2 days now. Anyway, […]

Tax year 2012 – Important Inflation adjustments

Happy New year to everyone.. I hope this year bring a reasonable amount growth and prosperous to our country and everyone’s life as well. Let me start this year with blog on the update about IRS inflation adjusts on various tax items. Usually every year the Internal Revenue Service adjusts for inflation tax brackets, tables, […]

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