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I want to become a Millionaire…

Last blog post was an article from about “India’s Millionaires” and how the number got doubled last year even with all the economical uncertainity. I decided to continue the topic by writing about Millionaire Mindset and evaluating my own goal of becoming High Networth Individual (HNW).

I remember a funny saying, “You can easily get rich in two ways, by birth or by marriage.” First one is obviously not in your hands but second option is feasible if you are confident about your people skills. But if you are a believer of  yourself, there are better ways. Things took a new turn especially during the dot com era and people mentality started dreaming on high places. Thats the same timeframe when “Who wants to be  a Millionaire?” show started airing and creating buzz all about becoming a millionaires. It surely boosted the moral of many individuals to aim big particularly many entreprenuers in the middle class.

Following the hit of the show and dot com era, many millionaires made news more often than ever and millionaires list started growing. According to the “World Wealth Report” which is a report on individuals with a net worth of at least $1 million in all assets except their primary residence. In the World Wealth Report 2007 – “The 11th annual World Wealth Report from Merrill Lynch/Capgemini finds the World’s High Net Worth (HNW) population growing to 9.5 million with their assets rising to $37.2 trillion.

Talk about becoming a Millionaire was everywhere in the internet. Many self made millionaires called themselves as gurus and grabbed the chance to preach their very own mantras via seminars and books. To name a few, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosoki and more… But recently due to economy crash, investment values plummented and many millionaires dropped from the list.  “The number of U.S. households with a net worth of $1 million or more, not including first homes, fell by 2.5 million to 6.7 million in 2008, according to the Spectrum Group report, as reported by Reuters. As of 2009, there were 2,886,200 HNWI’s in United states. 

Even after seeing the uncertainity of market, job losses and economy struggle, millionaire fire continues to live on among many brave souls. Whether I consider myself as a one among wannabe millionaires or it is just one of my goals, I strongly feel it is a challenging goal to have in your list. It is surely not a easy task for any one especially a guy like me who came from middle class indian family. But it is an achievable target for any hard working individual.

If there is a WILL, there is always a WAY to reach it.  Whether you choose to work hard in your profession, spend less and save more or putting money on different invest vehicles or trying to invent new business ideas or products like iPhone or Joined MLM network, every route has got challenges and worth trying it out.

First thing I did was started tracking my progress by updating networth every month towards my goal to become millionaire in 2015. It really helps me to put things in perspective like where I was, where I am now, know periodic progress and what I need to do move forward in my journey.

Being a hardcore wannabe Millionaire, many times I asked myself number of questions like,

Is the Millionaire goal truely worth it?
Do I have to become a millionaire to live happily?
Why do you need to have Millionaire goal?
Can I have my Financial Freedom when I become Millionaire?
Does only men are up against Million dollar goal?
What is Millionaire Mindset?
Are Millionaires lavish spenders?

Are some things just myths about being a Millionaire or real truth? I plan to dwelve more into these questions in my next post. If you have any questions like above, please share your thoughts and views.

Texas Trade Up Appliance Rebates – Starts April 7th

Hello fellow Texans,

Are you looking to replace your old air conditioner?

Are you shopping for a energy efficient Refrigerator or washer replacement to save some bucks?

You are in luck.

You heard it right! Texans can  now get hundreds, even thousands of dollars in rebates by applying for Trade up rebate program. But you gotta hurry when the reservation period starts tomorrow Apr 7th.

Who are qualified?

Every Texas residents with a valid Texas residential address qualify for a rebate if they follow all program rules.
No Post office boxes.

Why they are giving away money?

It is part of federal program to support energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. Thanks to $23 million in federal stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 received by Texas state which is available to be handed out through the 
State Energy Conservation Office. The caveat to the program, rebates can only be applied to new purchases of appliances with the EnergyStar label or CEE qualified models between April 16 and April 25.

What appliances are covered?

Starting from the  dishwasher to cloth washer to furance to Refrigerators to big A/c’s, most of the home appliances are covered. You can see types of appliances covered at state website. These energy efficient appliances might cost big money. If you already decided to buy it, then its worth to get the rebate. Question is, are you willing to spend extra dollars to save save few on rebate and more in long run? Then go ahead and reserve it.

Rebate amounts, purchase timeline information and a detailed list of qualifying appliances are also available on the site. 

How to get the rebates?

You need to reserve for the rebates. It is not pay first and apply later like mail in rebates type. It is reserve first and buy and apply for the rebates type because of the limited amount of funds. The state anticipates high interest in this program because of lot of advertising and rebate reservations will go quickly.

Reservations for a rebate will have to be made by calling a toll-free number or by registering on the Web site. Keep checking the site,

Any limitations or restrictions?

You can qualify for one rebate per appliance category, two appliance rebates per household and two $75 recycling bonus rebates per household. The appliances must be bought from a Texas retailer or contractor.

I have heard many of my friends and neighbors are waiting for Apr 7th to reserve the rebates. Expect slowness and delays but don’t give up. It’s lot of money free from government. So just set your clock up for tomorrow to reserve for the big bucks. There will be a waiting list, but it’s no guarantee that you’ve successfully reserved a rebate.

You can read more about it at

AVATAR – Is it worth spending millions?


20Century Fox

Avatar, the movie which has made headlines all over the globe, movie which has given another avatar to the Hollywood movie industry during this recession, and a movie which is the topic of many house hold dinning table talks. It has broken many records and making history in the world movie industry.

Before I talk about the main interest, here are some titbit’s you might be interested if you are not aware of them.

1. Producers spent around $300 in production cost and more for marketing.

2. It already raked up 1 Billion from all over world in just 2.4 weeks. According to Box Office Mojo it’s current box office total stands at $$1,018,811,000  million.

3. Opening Weekend:  $77,025,481
(#1 rank, 3,452 theaters, $22,313 average)
% of Total Gross:  21.9%  
Widest Release:  3,461 theaters 
In Release:  17 days / 2.4 weeks 

A movie which cannot stop making money and surely a movie to watch. After hearing  rave reviews and commentaries,especially setting itself apart from ther sequels like Lord of the Rings with Sanskrit title, I was intrigued to see it. I finally watched the movie yesterday and it surely didn’t fail to surprise with spectacular animation,  special effects and astonishing camera. I was totally blown away by the Himalayan effort put forth to bring this movie as a sensational entertainer with a great message for this time.

James Cameron proved himself again as the Best Director of all time by giving back to back hits. But, as an person born and bought from India, I felt that the story is old and many of my Indian friends agreed with me. I have seen similar kinda of movies when I was a kid in the Indian cinema with little special effects available at that time frame. Those movies had stories where person transfers from body to body too. I am talking about 20-30 years back. Except the special effects, graphics and animation, I  see the old story line in many aspects but with new scientific proofs which makes it believable. It has lot of connection and adaptation from Veda’s(Sanskrit literature) and many other Indian literatures. Even the character visualization and makeup’s can be related to many ancient Indian traditions and especially the body color can be related to Lord Krishna avatar deplicted below in the picture.

Being said all that, James Cameron not only just gave new look to the old story but a brand new planet creating a new paradigm for the many more avatars to come. As money examiner, I would say it surely money maker but do have couple of questions.

What was James Cameroon thinking?  While the nation is just recovering from recession, 300 million dollar spent in making a movie, doesn’t really makes sense? At the same time, it is giving people totally new experience in a new world and also bringing them to theaters to spend money during the holiday season helping the economy.

Share your thoughts about Avatar and money spent in making the money. Is it worth spending this much money or waste?