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Happy Newyear 2011

Happy Newyear 2011!!

May this year brings all happiness by helping you achieve your future goals both financially and personally. Don’t prograsinate important things in your life so just take time to do it immediately.

Have a happy and joyous new year…

Newyear – Let’s Walk the Talk

Happy Newyear Everyone!!

Year 2009 has come and  gone. It surely made imprints with lot of headliners and became a part of the history book. Year 2010 just started ticking it’s counter and adding a brand new decade in the 21st century. Another thing to notice about 2010 is, by doubling the last 2 digits either like “10” *2 or 1+1 0+0 makes the first 2 digits “20”. I found that to be interesting because it doesn’t happen often. Let’s hope year 2010 doubles our happiness by doubling our wealth and keeping us healthy.

Newyear Resolution -A waste of time

“May your troubles last as long your Newyear Resolutions” – Author Unknown

I saw the above funny quote posted outside of an auto repair shop. Nowadays people are not at all really serious about newyear resolutions and studies literaly reflects the downtrend. In the recent resolution study, while 52% of participants were confident of success with their goals, only 12% actually achieved their goals despite all the best intenstions.

Whether you resolve your resolution are not, somebody is will make big buck out of you. It is most likely going to be,

1. Fitness centers and Trainers
2. Weight loss program and weight loss book sellers
3. Dieticians and Weight loss Food producers

Just be aware of it and don’t get pulled by all the marketing gimmicks and TV ads. Most goal setting experts believe this is due to ignorance concerning how to set goals properly. Let me share my very own 3 Talk method which might help achieve things in all the areas of your life.

T1. Talk to yourself first

It might seem wierd but the truth is everything starts from you. You have the answers to know what will work  best for you! So, use this time make an appointment to yourself to think with an open mind, about past year’s mistakes and missed opportunities or goals. Ask yourself what type of life you would like to create for yourself in the coming year.

If you have the habit writing journal, it helps in this process. If you don’t have one, I would recommend to start one today.  Try to take these steps during your own interview.

1.Check your past year goals and see how you resolved/performed. Pat your back if you scored well. Tweak them if it need to continue this year.

2. Make 3 new goals for this year whether short or long term. Just Three only, no more!

3. KISS method – Keep it simple stupid. Always set goals as simple as possible to start with.  Try to set SMART goals. These are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Trackable. If you want to lose weight, start with losing 5lbs in 2 weeks and continue to maintain it for 2 more weeks.

4.  Write them down and start planning towards working on those goals. If you plan to reduce wait, look for a good and cheaper options to start instead of getting an expensive Treadmill at first. Try signing up for $10 fitness center which has mushroomed in many areas.

5.  Take action by start working out twice a week and gradually move to thrice a week. Adjust your diet accordingly and you will surely see a change in your health. Be resilient.  Don’t throw towel in just a week. Try atleast 3 weeks. Ask for help is a old techique. I would say advertise your goals which will motive yourself to achieve them when your friends ask about it.  Eva

2T. Talk to your Doctor

Next an important one. Make an appointment with your family doctor to do the physical checkup during the month of January. Almost all the insurance companies cover the physical check once a year upto $300. Most physical checks including labs won’t take more than $300. I try do it by end of Jan so I can see my levels on  LDL, HDL, total cholestrol, Sugar and compare from the last years. 

By doing at the beginning of the year helps to manage those levels  or work to improve on them in the coming months. Prevention is better than cure. By doing physical checkup atleast once a year, it surely helps to find any problems before ahead and gives more time take action to treat the problem in the starting stage itself.

3T. Talk to your Financial Planner/CPA

Finally, your wealth check up. You better meet with your CFP/CPA to check your current financial status. If you are your own financial Planner, try to set up a time to go over your financial condition. Check your financial goals and objectives, see it is performed last year. Make any changes to your short or long term financial goals for this year. Don’t forget to check on your IRA, SEP for 2009 to get ready for the tax season. If you missed out, you still have 4months to catch up. Also plan for 2010 contributions and save more money on tax returns.

Also take time to check some important documents like WILL, Trust, Durable Power of Attorney and Living Wills. If there is any change in your family staus like new kid, new house, you surely need to make proper adjustments to the Will or Trust to reflect your current status to avoid any future problems.

By doing just these 3 simple Talks at the beginning of the year, you are setting your life boat in proper condition to sail this new year in the right direction to reach your destination.

Happy Goal setting!!

New year Resolutions, A Successful attempt to failure

At the beginning of each year, people set resolutions to become better than the year before. The number of gym memberships rise each January. The phone calls to debt management companies sky rocket in the month of Jan. However, most resolutions are lucky to make it to March.

According to some statistics, 40 to 45% of American adult make one or more resolutions each year. Among the top new years resolutions are resolutions about weight loss, exercise, and stopping to smoke. Also popular are resolutions dealing with better money management / debt reduction.

The following shows how many of these resolutions are maintained as time goes on by these people:
– past the first week: 75%
– past 2 weeks: 71%
– after one month: 64%
– after 6 months: only 46%
It’s almost end of January, I bet many of you are scratching your head thinking “Why in the hell I made this resolution this year which I don’t think I can do it...” Are you one among those thousands of people made a resolution this year and thinking of giving up on them?

Don’t be embarssed on throwing them out. New year Resolutions never work and only works for 1 out of 1000. Whether the resolution is related to Health or Wealth, its is going to end up in trash after a month or two, maximum it will make till March.

Resolutions are made either to satisfy the inner feelings or to make you feel better on this year. It is impulse driven, short term and never yield results. Common reasons were no 100% committed, no self confidence, no proper plans, lack of time management, lack of support and fear. I like to call missing of 3C’s, Concentration, Commitment and Confidence.

But  don’t lose hope, there is help out there in a different avatar. It’s called GOAL setting. Many people think goal setting is a big commitment and Resolutions are not. Here you go again, its the very reason Resolutions don’t work. You have to commit yourself to bring change in you. No Pain, No Gain, you hear it all the time. If you aren’t commited, nothing will change. So don’t get scared of GOAL setting. It is simple and easily doable.  A small change and little bit of commitment to start with goes a long way.

Working towards goals with proper plan and action makes wonders and many people stand out as true examples. Instead of New year resolutions, try to set Goals and work towards smaller mile stones with a plan in place and taking proper action using those plan. You will be on your way to experiend the happy moments of reach your realistic goals.

Why am I talking about Goals and Resolutions in Money Matters?

As I mentioned above, Debt Reduction, Saving money, Control spending are some of money related resolutions people make. As I proved above, it never works out. When it comes to money matters, Goals, Plans and Actions work better than just resolutions.

I am going to show how Goals make magic in an easy and simple way and also guide you “To be your own Financial Planner” in my next post. Just wait for few more days…

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