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2012 ShareBuilder Discount & Bonus offer for Costco Members

In the past, Costco partnered with┬áINGDirect Sharebuilder to offer sign on bonus for their members. It was usually $50 for GoldStar Members and $90 for Executive members. I have signed to make use the offer 3 years ago and I been using sharebuilder on and off for my dollar cost average investment strategy. Last year […]

Sharebuilder Promotion Codes For 5 Free Automatic Trades + 2 Real Time Trades

I have posted many deals on sharebuilder including some from costco in the past. I recently came across a stealer deal from Sharebuilder even for current account owners as well from

There are coupon codes which you can use to add real trade and automatic trade fee credits. I wasn’t really sure but I tried in my sharebuilder account and it worked. I got almost 10 real credit = $100 and 30 auto credits = $120. Thats a real chunk of savings and you can use to make trades until 2011 or 2012.

Check out the deal details at

Sharebuilder helps to build your own portfolio

I started my sharebuilder account last year. I started one few years ago when they just came to the market. I didn’t really build any portfolio since I was new to stock trading and investing. Also I was more into short term trading at that time. No, I fell I should have done it.


Anyway, its never late than ever. Sharebuilder is now owned by ING. I like their professional and quality service. They also give good offers. I got an offer thru COSTCO for free $90 to open and fund the ING Sharebuilder account. I funded and bought few stocks. I got

Sharebuilder is not a quick rich trading platform or a online trading service. You can still do all those using their brokerage service but sharebuilder is mainly for a long term wealth building purpose. It works under dollar cost averaging methodology.

What is dollar cost averaging?

You do systematic funding to the account and setup an investment plan to buy equities for that amount in regular intervals. It just purchases those equities/stocks in the setup intervals. If the equity/stock is selling less, it will buy more shares. If its selling high, it will buy less shares for the amount. That way, your average cost of the shares will be average price spent for the stock. It works out well on a long term. Some investment experts really don’t agree with it but it is good way to start investing for longer term.

Here is my small current portfolio in sharebuilder which I started building for last 6 months and its already up 30%.

If you want to start investing and creating your own portfolio, you can do with a free $25 bonus from INGDIRECT.Click here to get the bonus. Hurry up, I only got 5 referrals remaining.

Happy investing!!!