AVATAR – Is it worth spending millions?


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Avatar, the movie which has made headlines all over the globe, movie which has given another avatar to the Hollywood movie industry during this recession, and a movie which is the topic of many house hold dinning table talks. It has broken many records and making history in the world movie industry.

Before I talk about the main interest, here are some titbit’s you might be interested if you are not aware of them.

1. Producers spent around $300 in production cost and more for marketing.

2. It already raked up 1 Billion from all over world in just 2.4 weeks. According to Box Office Mojo it’s current box office total stands at $$1,018,811,000  million.

3. Opening Weekend:  $77,025,481
(#1 rank, 3,452 theaters, $22,313 average)
% of Total Gross:  21.9%  
Widest Release:  3,461 theaters 
In Release:  17 days / 2.4 weeks 

A movie which cannot stop making money and surely a movie to watch. After hearing  rave reviews and commentaries,especially setting itself apart from ther sequels like Lord of the Rings with Sanskrit title, I was intrigued to see it. I finally watched the movie yesterday and it surely didn’t fail to surprise with spectacular animation,  special effects and astonishing camera. I was totally blown away by the Himalayan effort put forth to bring this movie as a sensational entertainer with a great message for this time.

James Cameron proved himself again as the Best Director of all time by giving back to back hits. But, as an person born and bought from India, I felt that the story is old and many of my Indian friends agreed with me. I have seen similar kinda of movies when I was a kid in the Indian cinema with little special effects available at that time frame. Those movies had stories where person transfers from body to body too. I am talking about 20-30 years back. Except the special effects, graphics and animation, I  see the old story line in many aspects but with new scientific proofs which makes it believable. It has lot of connection and adaptation from Veda’s(Sanskrit literature) and many other Indian literatures. Even the character visualization and makeup’s can be related to many ancient Indian traditions and especially the body color can be related to Lord Krishna avatar deplicted below in the picture.

Being said all that, James Cameron not only just gave new look to the old story but a brand new planet creating a new paradigm for the many more avatars to come. As money examiner, I would say it surely money maker but do have couple of questions.

What was James Cameroon thinking?  While the nation is just recovering from recession, 300 million dollar spent in making a movie, doesn’t really makes sense? At the same time, it is giving people totally new experience in a new world and also bringing them to theaters to spend money during the holiday season helping the economy.

Share your thoughts about Avatar and money spent in making the money. Is it worth spending this much money or waste?

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