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Quick Intro about’s goal is to help you reach your goals with mutual funds. They can help build a well-rounded portfolio, guide you in finding the funds that suit you best, and show you how successful investors meet their goals.

I accidently came across this user friendly website from their ad in Equities magazine. Just in my first visit, I found the site user friendly with tool to build your portofolio with a vast selection of funds by allocating asset according to your risk tolerance. It has unbiased mutual fund and ETF recommendations with detail insights about the markets from the anlayst  to guide the ordinary investors to walk the market mine field carefully. They went one mile extra by lending hands via an Experts Desk with experienced bloggers thoughts and views.

It is hard to find companies that promote for financial literacy and I am immediately flattered by their effort. So I took the time to get in touch with them. I was able to catch Mr.Philip Gentile  – COO of He was kind enough to spend little bit of time with me for a quick chat over the phone. Here is the snapshot of the Interview for you.

MRM Vijai>> Hello Philip. How are you? Thank you for taking time to talk to us. You got a very unique site with nice goal. Phil> It is my pleasure and Thank you getting in touch with us. Thank you for your compliments.

MRM Vijai>>  Can you give some background about Phil> was formed by 6 people who are basically from two different backgrounds internet and Wall Street. We joined hands to create a unique platform for investors in a way to provide financial literacy especially in Mutual funds and ETF to help them achieve their goals.  We wanted to offer tools and technology to engage and embrace the young people to share their ideas with others in a new, user friendly media.

MRM Vijai>> Who are the audiences of Phil>Any person who needs help in understanding Mutual Funds, ETF’s or general investing concepts.  Asset Allocation and fund selection can be a scary experience for someone with little or no knowledge.  Obtaining information  from a source where you feel safe place especially during a shaky period of time like we are in today is something that we believe people will embrace.  We try to show people how to to reach their life goals like retirement, kids college education, buying home etc., It is mainly designed to suit the 20-40 age category who are left out in the Mutual Fund world, however, any person regardless of age should find value from the site.

MRM Vijai>> Why funds and ETF’s? Why not Stocks? Phil>> Stocks are too risky in this tough economical situation we are in. It is not a safe boat to ride in during this wild stormy condition. But Mutual Funds and ETF’s provide an alternative that provide a good healthy place to nurture your savings and grow for the future needs.

MRM Vijai>> What is your business model? Phil>> Initially, our main model is to provide unprecedented information on Mutual Funds and ETF’s to guide people.  We are just planning to make money out of advertisements and sponorsships. In the future, we have plans to provide our users with the ability to connect with financial experts.

MRM Vijai>> How are you planning to reach your audience, simply what is your marketing strategy? Phil>>
Our current marketing strategy is to partner with other sites that will provide links back to us and social networking sites where you expect to find the 20-40 old investor.  Places  like facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to name a few. We already launched a campaign in Equities Magazine and will follow that up with a conference they are holding in New York in April. In the future,  we are planning to conduct seminars and workshops to spread the work around.

MRM Vijai>> Finally, What are you future plans for the site? Phil>> We are planning to expand our help section to implement an Education Center with self help articles in partnership with Kiplinger on Mutual Funds and ETF’s. We are incorporating more Life maps which suits for different life styles. In coming months, we have plans to provide fund Prospectus,PDF Reports and an enhanced Fund Finder and Portfolio Builder. In the lighter side, we are looking to create games  based on the LifeMap. Further out, we have plans to enhance the site with more information on ETF and Hedge Funds as well.

MRM Vijai>> Thank you for your time Phil.  I am really interested connecting with you to form a relationship to share ideas and information for the benefit of our vistors. Phil>> Thank you and I am interested too. We will be in touch.

We are currently working with to form a mutual relationship to share information between our websites. In essence, already launched a new Money Really Matter section in the Expert desk. We are planning to bring some good blogs from to our readers as well.

This is just a small effort to make your life easier, so you all can gain the knowledge to make proper decision to path to financial success. Do you part, go to website and try it out. You will surely get addicted to it.

Happy Portfolio building!!

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