COSTCO INGDirect – Sharebuilder deal with free $60 + 25% rebate!!!

In Feb 2009, I posted the special deal by Costco and INGDirect to invoke the interest of automatic stock investing by giving away upto $90 for new account signups with condition apply.  I am one among many who benefited from the deal and shared my experience.

That offer is no longer valid anymore. Currently, they announced a renewed offer which gives upto $60 and 25% rebate for quaterly transactions for executive members for signup. It gives $55 + 10% rebate for Gold star and Business members. According to sharebuilder, one can get upto $120 max from this deal.

How come $120?

New account signup – $60.  $15 rebate of  3 month transaction * 4 quaters = $60 – Total $120.

Check out the official signup page at sharebuilder and take this chance to start a long term investing using dollar cost averaging technique. Please do spread the word around.

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