Hot Gizmos and Gadgets – Holiday Shopping 2009 – II

We started this series of articles with Blackfriday trends moved to list out 5 step strategy to get ready for Blackfriday and continued with a shopping plan. Yesterday we moved on to real meaty stuff talking about hot gizmos and gadgets which are currently attracting consumers in this holiday season. It is Digital Readers tops the list with new demand  from book readers. We will continue the list in this article and see more gadgets people are waiting to get hold of.

Hot Gadgets #2 : BluRay DVD Players

Blu-ray has been growing in popularity since around 2007. Both Blu-ray players and discs have substantially dropped in price since last year. This Black Friday will be the first time that many stores will be offering enticing deals on Blu-ray Players, and the first time we will see a Blu-ray player sold well under $100.

BD Live is a Blu-ray disc feature that brings content from the Internet to your Blu-ray movies. This has previously included games, downloadable features, quizzes, and movie trailers. Notable feature which you might want to check out on Blu Ray players is to connect to the Internet from your home and watch movies using Instant Streaming offered by Netflix and others. You can check buyers guide at

Hot Gadgets #3: High Definition TV’s

One of the most sought after items this Black Friday is high-definition televisions. High-Definition televisions are often on the list of big-ticket sales at many Black Friday retailers. A good television should hopefully last you for several years, so this is not a decision to rush into! Big discounts on these expensive sets can tempt you into a quick purchase, but do your homework beforehand and you’ll wind up with a great TV for a great price. Check out the buyers guide from CNET  to educate yourself before you hunt down for the right set.

You can also check out the comparison between Plasma and LCD at, two different HDTV technlogy and decide which one suits your need. You can check the current Black Friday deals on HDTV at Deals ranging from $125 to $1000 according to the models.


Sansui 19″ LCD HDTV Model #: HDLCD1909 – $128.00
Samsung 40″ LCD 1080p HDTV Model #: LN40B500 – $597.99 

Hot Gadgets #4: Fully powered, Cheap Laptops and Netbooks

Black Friday deals on laptops are usually among the best values a shopper is likely to find. If you’re in the market for a laptop this year, you’ll probably see a lot of great offers on netbooks in particular. Not to be confused with a notebook, which is just another name for full-sized laptops, a netbook is basically the compact car of the laptop world. It’s smaller, it’s lighter, and it can get you where you want to go for a lot less money. The trade off is that netbooks generally pack less power and fewer features than their full-sized counterparts

Most netbooks do not have a CD/DVD drive, some come with non-Windows operating systems like Linux instead of the more common Windows XP or Windows 7. Netbooks often have less RAM, and a slower processor than full-sized notebooks. Most netbooks are intended for web-surfing and basic office work (Microsoft Word, Excel, etc). They usually carry enough hardware to handle these activities, but not much beyond that. You can learn more about netbooks at buyers guide. Check out for laptop deals for this holiday.

Hot Gadgets #5:
Digital Cameras

Digital cameras just took over the photography from still cameras long time, almost 5 years now. It has become so common to see digital cameras in everybody’s hands mainly because of easiness, flexibility and more capabilities. 

It can be very confusing if you haven’t spent hours researching what each term means. To make your life easier, has put together buyers guide to educate and enrich your information.

For this black friday, there are humpty number of deals out there for digital cameras starting for just $59.99 going to $569 and more. Check out the deals at

Don’t forget to come back and check out the last five Hot Gizmo and Gadget Picks.

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