Get $100 by Opening a Chase Savings account

This deal is a email invitational offer. I don’t think you can avail by printing a coupon because each email has different coupon code associated with it. But you can try calling them and possibly get the coupon for it.

Some conditions apply like, the account has to be opened with $5000 initial deposit but you don’t have to keep that $5000 all year. You just need to maintain $300 to avoid fees. If you calculate $100 for $5000 for year, it comes out to 2% interest which is a good deal and you don’t even have to keep the money in the account all year. Also deposit doesn’t have to happen while opening the account. You can also do ACH but deposit has to be within 7 days after opening account and $100 will be deposited after 10 days of the initial deposit.

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