Chase Freedom Credit card – $100 bonus cash back and $0 APR

I recently signed up for Chase Freedom Credit card offered by J P Morgan chase and also got 10000 points by using them to buy anything and everything. I use to use DCU visa card for all my day-to-day transaction but they stopped offering reward points since Sept 2010. I was looking for a good card and came across few different offers from Chase, BOA and CITI Bank.

I finally ended up signing up with chase because they are ok compared to my bad experience with BOA and not really great deal with CITIBank. I closed couple of CITIBank cards because they start charging monthly fees and BOA didn’t really have any good offers inspite my bad customer service experience in past which gave me only option to go with chase. Since I have couple of checking accounts with Chase and I thought may be I have some advantage when they decide to charge fees in the future.

So far I actually used the card and gained $150 cash from 15000 points and used to purchase my LCD TV. Many credit cards doesn’t allow you to cash the points but chase does let you cash and even deposit in your chase checking account within 2 business days. That’s cool.

Check out the offer at,

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