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We got out every other week and try out different cusine. We spend atleast $35 for every visit and I never was fan of certificates until recently. It works if they have off on top of their savings.

Usually they sell $25 certificate for $10 or $10 certifcate for $5 with some limitations like $35 minimium purchase and 18% gratuity on the purchase. If I spend $35 + 18% gratuity = $41.8 – $25 = $16.80 pay. With $10 paid for the certificate, total comes out to 26.80 for $35 purchase which is only $10 savings.

But if they put offer on special days like valentines with 80% off on $10, you save more. It will like $18 savings instead of just $10 for the same gift certificate which is like 50% savings. Wouldn’t you like to try it out in that case? Also I usually don’t find many good restuarants on the list. Now they have added lot of good restaurants around my area. 

You can always stack up the certificates when this offer comes and use them all year because there is no expiration.

Try it out by clicking the link at so he get some credit for letting me know.

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