Clearing the CFP Exam…

The wait was over last month when I finally got my CFP Exam result. It was a mixed feeling when I opened the result. I wasn’t so sure about the result because of the performance. I was told by many that I will pass but I myself wasn’t really sure. It was a tough exam and I was told by instructors that nobody can be sure about passing after taking the exam.

It took almost 8 weeks to get result because of the special grading process carried out by CFP Exam board to take every possible situation to grade the exam. It is little robust but it seems to work in favor of candidates in many conditions. To know more about the grading process, check out this article. Also they won’t annouce the results publicly instead send out the result to each candidate via post mail. I wasn’t here to see it immediately as I was in vacation in India. I paid visit to the mail box as soon I got home.

I opened the mailbox and saw loads of letters and ads. It took me a bit to find out a envelop from CFP board. I found and opened up to see the form to send my experience proof. So I turn it around and found the Congratulation letter. I just wanted to yell out loud which did as soon I got home. It was a surprise for sure. There is no score or percentage. It was just merely a comparison of my performance with the threshold level.  I scored 4 modules little above threshold but 1 module just about and 1 module just close to the level.

Anyway, I am happy to pass as one among 51.3% people who passed the Nov 2010 CFP exam. It was an amazing feeling. I never worked so hard after my bachelors and never had to wait so long to see the result. It was worth the wait for sure.

Special Thanks to my wife who always supported me on this adventure. Thanks to all CFP Course Tutors, CFP Dalton Review group of instructors.

The journey is not over yet. I just reached one more destination in getting my CFP. I still have to get through the last hurdle of showing my work experience for atleast 3 years. Let’s see how it goes and will keep you all posted.

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