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Technical Indicators – Don’t use them alone.

There are two different types analysis used by two different types of investors or traders. One set uses Fundamentals to analyse and make their decision whether to invest in a particular stock or not. Another set uses Technical indicators driven by past stock performance to make their decision. Technical indicators are very much used by […]

Risk Tolerance & Time Horizon are the keys

As a Self directed Investor many of you are very much aware of the fact that Risk plays a key role in your investment return. If you are novice investor, you know in general terms more return needs more risk. It always the fight between Risk versus Return. Investors has to get their act together […]

Financial Markets – What to expect in 2012?

The year 2011 has been another unexpected horrific roller coaster ride for financial markets due to financial and political condition all around globe. We still got few more weeks left and don’t be surprised if adds more fuel to the fire. Usually winter is quite with not much surprises, but this year has been exception […]

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