US household wealth regains pre-recession peak – Fed Reserve

I recently come across a report released by Fed Reserve published by Associated Press. The report was about the household wealth increasing in value and reaching to pre-recession levels. It was not surprise after seeing DOW surpasses the previous high and NASDAQ doing good which will certainly reflect in increase of wealth in many rich American portfolios. But it is good to see the Home appreciation is also helping many middle class consumers increasing their net worth.

Here is some snapshot from the report,

Federal Reserve research shows that surging stock prices and steady home appreciation have finally allowed Americans to recover the $16 trillion in wealth they lost during the Great Recession. The gains are helping to bolster the U.S. economy and could lead to additional spending and growth.

Most of the recovered wealth has come from higher stock prices that have been flowing mainly to wealthier Americans. By comparison, the middle class derives the bulk of its wealth in the form of home equity, which has risen much less.

According to the Fed, household wealth totaled $66.1 trillion as of Dec. 31 — 98 percent of the pre-recession peak. Further increases in stock and home prices this year mean that Americans’ net worth has since topped the pre-recession peak of $67.4 trillion, private economists report.

Read the full article here.

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